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“Mom’s Little Helpers: 15 Life Hacks to Save Time and Sanity

Feber 22, 2023

Being a mom is a rewarding experience, but let's face it, it can also be incredibly overwhelming at times.

How many times did you as a mom think:” There is never enough time in the day, I constantly have  something to do! Juggling work, kids, or just trying to keep the home in order. Self-care? No time for that! Everything feels overwhelming.” Fortunately, there are plenty of hacks out there that can help you make your life easier, save time, and reduce stress. I love gadgets and I am a huge fan of hacks. I made a short list of the 15 hacks and tips that in my eyes, made my life as a mom of 3 kids (singleton+twins) much easier. There are many more, but these are the 15 that really made a huge impact! They are suitable for different ages.

  1. Make a meal plan: One of the biggest time wasters for moms is trying to figure out what to cool every day. A meal plan can help you save time and reduce stress by giving you a clear idea of what you’re going to eat each day. And I don’t cook every day! When my kids are at home I cook more often and bigger portions so I can freeze some of the food. (My kids can’t eat the food in kindergarten/school, so they need every day a warm meal that is homemade).
    But even when the kids are at home, I don’t cook every day. I cook maximum 4x a week, we just warm it up the next day! This safe so much time!
  2. Stop ironing! In reality, there are little things you really need to iron. These things you let a company iron, your mother-in-law ?, or you or your husband do it while watching TV. The more you hang things the less you also have to iron! More about hanging clothes you find in tip 3.
  3. I barely fold any clothes. Why 4 reasons. First, I need to iron less, second, because it saves time I don’t need to fold clothes, 3rd I don’t have so much space to dry our clothes (I don’t have a dryer) and 4th if you hang clothes your kids find their clothes easier and don’t rip out all the shirts of the cupboard because they want the last one! And I hang the clothes of the twins for example on hooks that have 2 hooks in one. Or I put 2 hooks together with a ring tab of a soda can. (If you don’t know what I mean, then message me) And yes there are hooks you can buy that do the same as the ring tab of a soda can! Such as this * but to be honest, if you ask around, I am sure there are people who drink beer, coke, etc. from a can and give them to you for free!
  4. Create a morning routine: A morning routine can help you start your day off on the right foot. Whether it’s a few minutes of meditation or a quick workout, find something that works for you and stick to it. I love to start my day with a short priming session, that I share with my clients.
  5. Use a grocery delivery service: Grocery delivery services can save you time and make shopping easier. Plus, you can avoid the hassle of taking your kids to the store. I, rarely take my kids along to a store! If then they know that they can pick one thing to eat. I ask them to get me things and put them in a cart,… We also take pictures of items they like and might or might not get at Christmas, easter, or birthdays… I also try to go shopping so it is on the way home from something! And I only go shopping once!!! A week. I freeze bread so it stays fresh. If it is necessary then I go a second time to buy meat or fish, but often I also buy stuff for my neighbors when I go and the other way around! That really helps a lot if you notice that you forgot to buy butter for instance.
  6. Keep a cleaning schedule: A cleaning schedule can help you stay on top of household chores and prevent them from piling up. Also, get help from your kids! Kids love to feel needed! Or get a person to clean for you.
  7. Use a laundry basket system: Sorting laundry can be a hassle. Using a laundry basket system can help you keep your laundry organized and save time. Also Sorting socks!!!!! Use a Sock holder to wash and never sit for hours finding socks again… I use the ones from the Following Link: *
  8. Put a big piece of cloth under the dining table! Ideally white, so you can wash it at least with 60 degrees Celsius. Why do I do that? Easy. No more vacuum cleaning after every meal! And if food falls down no problem. You pick it up and shake it out! Omg this really saved my sanity with mx twin boys.
  9. Use a planner: A planner can help you stay organized and on track with your schedule. Make sure to schedule some self-care time too. If you write it in it is more likely you will do it. In my coachings and courses, we sit down and write out what these self-care activities can be!
  10. Use a grocery list: Make a grocery list before you head to the store to help you stay on track and avoid buying unnecessary items. It also saves time! I am so fast in and out. I always go to the same store. I know exactly where I find my products. And I even write the list in the exact way, that I walk through the store. I cross off the list 1 by 1 in the store! (When I didn’t know yet how to include self-care in my life yet, of course, I spend forever in the store, just to have time off, but it is not the right way to get self-care in our lives!)
  11. Get your kids involved: The more the kids help in the household, the more the kids come up with their own activities, the better for you and for them. I love the fact, that my twins (4) are really creative in dealing with challenges through that. I ask them for their opinions. “What do you think we can do?” It makes them compassionate, and they understand that if we clean up together it is faster, so I have more time for them! Only about this point I could hold a whole workshop.
  12. Use time-saving appliances: Appliances like a robotic vacuum or a cordless vacuum!!!!, dishwasher, and microwave can save you time and make your life easier.
  13. Outsource things that are not necessary! Make time for yourself: There are a lot of tasks we believe that we absolutely have to do. But in reality, we can delegate them or not do them at all. Sit down and write a list of tasks that come up during a week and think about them and truly ask yourself if they are a must. If they are a must, do you really have to do them or can you delegate them? This is one snippet of a tool I use in my free workshops and in my coachings. I haven’t found a mom yet where we weren’t able to find at least 1 thing to optimize to get more self-care time!
  14. Detangling brush and spray if you have a girl then these two are a must. Saves tears of your child and nerves and time for you. We used the spray from an organic brand unfortunately they don’t produce it anymore, so I must look for another one. But for the brush, we use this one *it’s really soft and good to go through the hair of children. I also recommend braiding the hair before going to bed!
  15. Declutter: The fewer items you have at home, the fewer unnecessary tasks you have the more time you have. You are happier, less stressed, and are doing something for your and your family’s well-being.

In conclusion, as a mom, there are countless hacks and tips out there to help you save time. If you are stuck or you are coming across a challenge you can’t manage yourself ask for help! As a friend or professional such as me. I have helped countless moms in their challenging life of being a mom. Not only because I am a mom of 3 as well, but because I have the psychological background of how to help moms live the life they want to. Just contact me and let us talk about how I can help you with my countless free resources or my group or one on one coaching.
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